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 Asaminami‐ku , Hiroshima,
 Hiroshima 731-3164 Japan

Principal  Noyori Eiji

Greetings from Principal,
Mr. Noyori Eiji

Thank you for visiting Hiroshima Municipal Numata Senior High School Website. The school was established in 1985.  Our school has two courses; “General Course” and “Physical Education Course”. 
The school is located in the northwest of Hiroshima City, close to Seifu Shinto area and stands at the foot of Mt. Hiyama.  Our school is widely known throughtout Japan with the name of “ICHIRITSU NUMATA”, and the students here are enjoying an active school life surrounded by nature and excellent school facilities.

We are aiming at establishing a school where…

1. All the teachers work together to bring out students’ ablity to move forward and to foster talent who can actively work in the global society.

2. All the students are conscious of social rules and are self-dependent.

3. All the teachers and students are energetic and therefore trusted by the local community.

Our school management policies put strong emphasis both on enhancement of academic achievements and improvement of ahtletic abilities.  Most of the students seek higher levels of education.
Our school aimes to provide an array of certain extra curricular classes for students who aim for higher education.   Since 2007, we have specialized classes called “ Frontier class”, which are designed to support students who would like to test their own abilities and offer them extra programs, such as extra study hours, carreer studies, and study camps.  We have also organized small sized classes based on the level of academic achievement to improve their skills.

Every student is given a copy of “My Schedule” to aid them in organizing their time to study and plan events. Numata SHS is part of the Peace Educational Program that helps people gain a better understanding of social problems to foster a more mindful and supportive attitude in the world.

In March 2014, the dormitory was completed for students in the sports course, so they can be closer to the sports facilities within the local area.  At present, there are currently 57 students residing at the dorms. They are not only able to focus on special techniques in their sport, but they are given opportunities to live independently and to improve leadership and social skills.

Our school motto is “KIUSOUDAI”, which means ‘ generous mind’. I would like to continue the traditions of “ICHIRITSU NUMATA”. Students here are considerably active and try their best to balance their academic and athletic activities. My aim is to ensure that Numata SHS has the trust of our students, their families and members of the local community.

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